Ah, Royalty…

I’ve just read LizEccentric7’s article on Vlad Tepes, giving out some interesting facts, and writting about her hypothesis on the circumstances of some moments of his life, as well as his death.

At some point, however, Liz let’s us know that recently, Prince Charles admitted that he is distantly related to the Impaler’s family line, and she questions if that was a smart idea:

Prince Charles admits to being related to Vlad:  I found it interesting that Prince Charles publicly claimed that genealogy shows that he is a distant relative of Vlad the Impaler. The claim accompanied his announcement of a pledge to help conserve the forested areas of Transylvania. Prince Charles admits to being related to a family of people who were mass murderers, to conserve a forest? I would NEVER admit to this fact, would you? Never want my name associated with the of “Vlad, the impaler.” Prince Charles has some guts, that’s for sure!

Well, personally, I don’t see why not.
Nowadays it is not a secret that the Royalty all over Europe has it’s hands drenched in blood, accumulated through-out history.

It doesn’t matter what period of time you want to talk about, until about half of the XX century, there have always been multiple killings in the crowns’ behalf.

And not just killings, that’s not the worst.

What bothers me more, is the mere existence of a Royalty in Europe in the XXI century. There is no real need for it; they represent the exact contrary to Democracy and a Republic.

The Royalty itself is, together with the Vatican (they are kind of the same thing, in my humble opinion), the most clear representation of retrograds: hatred, elitism, discrimination… The kind of power and ideals that pulls the whole humanity back.

And yet, they have the public’s acceptance.

Prince Charles’ relationship with Vlad the Impaler doesn’t bother me. Now, the fact that he is ‘Prince’ sickens me.

Just a thought…