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Ok, the ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ pages will go in english for a more global approach…

Where to start…? Well, I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. So yeah, even though I’m pale as hell, and my great granparents were mostly polish, I’m latina!
I like to write, and to draw… And that’s pretty much all I do ouo. Oh, I’m also supposed to study, but don’t let that fool you, my friends.
I hate sports, and anything that includes some degree of physical activity. I like to eat -specially chocolate-, to sleep, and to spend my extra hours in the computer. And that’s what makes me happy, basically.

I like knowing and talking about politics and economics, science and technology, literature and philosophy. I’m also a BIG manga and anime fan, specially Seinen and Mature Shonnen works. I usually over-think everything, an observable characteristic of mine -so bare with me please…

I should probably talk about what I plan to do with this virtual space, huh? …nah, too lazy.

I dont know if there’s anything else to say… So I’ll leave you with a drawing of myself :D

Me, fucking unamused by the internet.

Me, fucking unamused by the internet.


9 thoughts on “About

    • I fucking love this fucking language ’cause I can fucking add ‘fucking’ behind every fucking word!
      Lol, I just believe that, if these words exist, then they’re meant to be used! After all, what makes a ‘bad word’, ‘bad’?
      If you never read anything by Fontanarrosa about this subject, the I highly recommend so.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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