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The story of the little governor, and the stupid nice people

Im going to tell you all a nice little story today. I hope you enjoy it.

Once upon a time, there was a little governor. He governated over Buenos Aires city, as Argentina was a federal country, so the capital had it’s own authonomy, and he had been elected by the people he managed to convince to vote him.

This little governor was the son of one of Latin-America’s richest men, and this was the first time he tried for an election. After pulling the strings to make people hate one of the previous governators, and reapearing again after four years, he ran for city’s government, and won -yay for him!

Now, this little governor wasn’t perfect -well, who is?-, and most nice people were aware of that. He agreeded with the ideals of neoliberalism that the previous dictatorships applied, and that managed to break hell loose in the country and it’s surroundings, and had a good relationship with the genocides from the last coup-d’etait.

Even still, he was elected. Again, yay for him!

So this little governor got a hold of the city’s management, and, soon enough, we started realising what his ideals really meant for us, nice people.

He stopped paying. For almost everything. He stopped paying for public schools (even though he gave even MORE money to private schools), he stopped paying for public hospitals of all kinds (though he did give money to his friends’ private hospitals), he stopped paying public salaries, and more.
Of course we, nice people, understood the situation couldn’t go on, so we asked the little governor to have a talk with us.

Oh, but he refused, and accused us to be scheming against him. He refused so thoroughly, and for so long, that the situation was no longer sustenible.
He pushed us to ugly situations, like sleeping in our schools as a form of protest, or making the doctors and nurses spend days and nights outside their hospitals to call for his attention.
We weren’t happy doing all this, but we had to.

After that, he agreeded to give us a rest, and started founding public institutions -for a while.

Meanwhile, the little governor’s attention was somewhere else: the metro lines of the city.
You see, ever since his first government, he had promised in his platform to fight for the metro lines to belong and to be a responsability of the City of Buenos Aires. He usually repeated that, and we all agreeded at that.

So, at the beggining of this, the first year of his second government, he made the consernient negotiations with the Nation of Argentina’s government, and finally came to an agreement.
He signed the law that stated that the city would, from there on, manage the metro lines. It was a law now. He SIGNED. There was no turning back from that great decition, because he promised to make himself responsible of…

Oh wait. Oh, this little governator.

Two days after he signed this contract, something awful happened. A tragedy, know as ‘Once’s Tragedy’.
One of the train lines -that the Nation managed and was responsible over-, failed to stop in time, and crashed. This left hundreds of deaths behind, and many many wounded. Everyone was now angry at the Nation’s government for not mantaining the train lines, it’s responsability, in the proper state so things like this wouldn’t happen- and so, our little governator started fearing the same would happen to him!
‘What if one of the metro lines crashes like this sometime?’
‘What if an accident happens?’
‘They’ll blame me! Of course!’
‘I can’t make myself responsible for the metro lines anymore’.

Oh but, little governor, you already signed the contract. Are you trying to avoid the law?

‘I dont care about that. I’m not taking care of the metro lines anymore!’.

Then who do you propose should take care of it instead?

‘Leave it to the Nation for all I care’.

Oh, but the Nation’s goverment already had enough with all it’s problems, and also thought that the city’s government taking care of the metro lines was a pretty smart idea of them. Also, they had already signed the law.

But the little governor ignored it, and said he wouldn’t be held responsible anymore.

And so, an argument started between the Nation’s and the city’s governments, wich ended up in the Congress deciding for them.
So, what did they decide? They made another law, saying the city’s government was obliged to take care of the metro lines, as it was already decided.

But it seemed that the little governator had gone deaf, as he just ignored them, and kept on avoiding getting to a real solution for eight months.

Now, the workers of these metro lines are tired of all this mambo, and are not getting paid because of it. So, to make the little governator reason properly, they have started protesting by not going to work, so the metro lines are not working, perjudicing many workers who get to their jobs by it daily (around a million people).
It’s been four days since the situation is like that, and yes, the little governator still stubbornly says that this is the Nation’s responsability, and isn’t getting to a solution.

So, what do we all take off this story? What’s the message?


Don’t fuc*ing vote for a guy like him after what people with the same ideas did to the country, you as*holes -^u^-

Yup, I’m pretty sure that’s it.

As you can see, this topic kind of infuriates me, because it makes me think that people’s stupidity has absolutely no boundaries.

But, well, all I hope for, is that Buenos Aires learnt it’s lesson, and that it stops supporting people like this.





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