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At the beginning of this year, there was a pretty popular beer advertisement here. The brand responsible for it was Quilmes, originally Argentinian, but recently bought by brazilian capitals, if I remember correctly. Quilmes is well-known here for it’s original and well-made publicities, that always get to be very popular with people, because of it’s humour, and quite accurate description of what we usually call our ‘argentinity’.
So, this summer’s theme, was ‘equality between genres’.

If you’re interested in the video, and won’t have a problem with watching it in spanish, here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W62dc9Q-ZYg

Now, I don’t doubt it must have been pretty funny for a lot of people, specially if they saw themselves identified with some of the described situations in the video.
I’m glad I didn’t, though.

On one side, you have the men’s army. The situations they’re complaining about, have to do mostly with their girlfriend’s obsession with punctuality and good-looks, as well as their peeking into their privacy, and bothering them about little details they don’t really care about.

‘They say: ‘you have a different face when you’re with your friends’. I have a different face with you! With my friends, I wear the original!’

Now, on the women’s side, we have complaints for their boyfriends’ supposedly ‘lack of attention’, or not caring about the little details their obsessive minds look for. Also, about the guys not caring about their looks or weight, while they ‘sacrifice’ on behalf of a good body.

‘Since when is it that we’re fat, while on them the tummy ‘looks sexy’?’

Once they collide, they tell each other to do those things they were just complaining about. A guy tells his girl to make a credit card extension, ‘explode it!’. A girl tells his boyfriend to compare her to his mother, ‘I just love that’.

‘Give me whatever you want to wash, I’ll do it by hand’

‘Here, take my cellphone, look over all of my messages, step over my privacy’


The conclusion is the following, when the voice in off speaks and says:

‘When feminism and machism collide, equalism is born’.

I’m sorry, but am I the only one who thinks this is really wrong?

Just the other day, I was having a discussion with some friends, over what we considered as ‘gentlemanly’. Two of them said it meant to honour and respect the women, by acting politely and helping them around.
But I agreeded with my other friend, who said that it was only another way to put the opposite gender up over a pedestal, and to make the other one feel inferior.
Politeness should depend on your sex.

Personally, when I was younger, I defined myself as a feminist. I defended my rights as a proud woman, and reacted pretty badly to any kind of aggression against girls.

Now-a-days, I’ve come to understand more of the world -or so I like to think-, and came to a new conclusion.

After all, those differences this particular publicity talks about, are really stupid. There are deeper reasons why women and men usually collide, and it almost always doesn’t have to do with the way they decided to think.

How do you define a woman? Do you think of pink, flowers, poetry, romanticism, rabu-rabu, twinkly stars, and the like?
And what about men? Football, blue, being rash, and gross?

Well, I’m sorry, but that’s not what belonging to one gender means. That’s what you’ve been taught to think.

Since the moment you were born, it was decided what kind of role in society you’d fullfill. If you were born a man, then you’d have to be strong, never cry, and be good with girls. People would buy you action figures, and dress you with blue clothes at first. They’d cut your hair short, and teach you to define you gender as what they think it means.

If you were born a girl, then pink is the first thing you’d wear. Dolls and kitchen toys would be your present in your birthdays, and your hair would most likely remain long most of your childhood. Also, you’d be taught to be delicate, and to behave ‘like a lady’. Cooking, sewing, and the like are appreciated qualities on a woman.

Now, how much of what I’ve described is true for you? Probably more than what you realise.

You are not a woman because of what you like, of what you wear. You’re a woman cause you think of yourself that way. The definition of your gender is only defined by yourself!

So, what does this ‘equality’ concept really mean? It’s talking about a concept that proposes that our social differences, that are only there because of our lack of critic sense, co-exist in harmony -so, basically, the girls can bitch their heart out, while the men feel not guilt when treating them as their house-keeper.

That is NOT what equalism should mean for us!

We are not that different to start with! The only reason we think so, is because we were taught to do so! We are all people, humans, after all. Gender is just another excuse to discriminate between one other.

To discriminate between people’s gender, is no better than doing it because of their religion, ethnia, country of origin, or any other.

Equalism should mean the coming to understand, appreciate, and put aside our differences, to see each other as what we really are: people.
I thought this should be clear enough in the 21st century, but I guess we’re still being pulled back by old preexisting ideals.

So there. Sorry about the ranting, this is just a little frustrating for me, because, after all, the only ones to blame about all this are ourselves.

So, what do you think? What would you define as ‘equalism’? Do you know about any kind of similar movement?

Thanks for reading.




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