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La critique au Starbucks~

So, I’m writting this from a Starbucks, not too close from home. I was feeling bad for not posting anything in the last days; but you know how inspiration is… A bitch, exactly. It comes and goes at it pleases, not really taking anyone else in consideration! But enough ranting about it, the thing is I’m finally taking some initiative, and writting something…

I realise I really like this place, even though it represents many things I hate from this world. Why is this feeling? Well, probably because it looks, smells, and feels just the way I’d like a coffee shop to do. There are many points in it’s favor:

  • The very accurate selection of terra colors, and tones of grey, embrace you to keep on drinking your coffee.
  • Yes, the coffee isn’t bad either, although I’ve had much better. The thing this place has, is the brilliance of mixing an average-good coffee, with delicious chocolate, making it into a very good hot drink, specially for cold winter days like these.
  • Oh, the ambientation is very well done in more ways than just one. The different combination of chairs and tables gives as result a relaxed atmosphere as well.
  • Also, the perfect selections of jazz, and light vosanova, that is just a delight to my ancient-tasted ears.
  • This particular local may be a little too big for it’s own good, though. I personally preffer smaller places.
  • It has a big glass-wall, that lets the daylight in, breaking the afternoon-feeling it’s supposed to give, and clashing against the illumination setup for the place (that otherwise looks great at nighttime).
  • The art selection for the walls is also worthy of my consideration.

In short, a good place to come and read a book (my kind of place).

Other than that, my own experiences once there were:

  • The service is great, and they always smile back, as I do. Sometimes you get to be attended by foreigners, wich is always interesting.
  • I can’t say the same thing about most of the people coming here. Starbucks being an ‘American brand’ (I’ll share my thoughts about that adjetivization later), it gets the attention of the kind of people that don’t actually appreciate the style of the place, but the fact that it’s the ‘cool’ place. Most conversations I shamelessly listen to are about the most shallow and stupid things you could imagine.
  • There’s a couple making out close to me, and they’re getting to my nerves with their ‘cute nicknames’. Really, it should be illegal to call your boyfriend ‘my teddybear’ in public, for heavens’ sake; or is this just my cynism talking??
  • People is looking weirdly at me because I’m writting this over a piece of cartboard (the only thing I could find to write on when this stroke of inspiration got to me). I glare at them from time to time, but I seem to have became the freak show here. Oh well.

I still preffer the traditional cafés all around Buenos Aires, though. But I felt the need to mention that these guys are doing a good job trying to compete in a place where people have the tradition of sitting down, and having a coffee with friends from time to time. It has it’s own merit, if I say so myself.

Well, this was pretty random. I just felt like writting it, so I went ahead and did so~ Now, every time I read it it feels more and more stupid, but I guess I’ll just post it, and let it be :P

So, do you have a favourite place to go and have a drink, or read a book? I’d also like to know your opinion on this places!

I think I’ll post something more later on today, we’ll see.

Thanks for reading!


P.D: I can’t seem to be able to make this image thingy work, so I’m leaving it like this… =_=


2 thoughts on “La critique au Starbucks~

    • I dont really care about Israel that much.

      Well, though it does represent the multi-national interests that have exploded Latin-america and Africa over the last years without any regard for human rights… I do find it pretty cozy :3

      Of course, this wasn’t a post about their economical or political interests, but about this very local close to home.

      Thanks for reading, and commenting!


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