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‘Art’ is kind of an abstract concept, don’t you think? I mean, there aren’t clear standars to consider something as ‘art’. Most people think of an artist as a painter, or maybe a musician. But that leaves out a lot of very interesting varies art has to offer for us.

To start with, ‘art’ could be labelled as ‘recreational’ for us. It’s not something we need to ‘survive’, to be considered as ‘alive’. Actually, the definition for a living being is one that has a behaviour during his life that has all of these goals: to eat, to relate, and to reproduce, basically. Actually, every part of our body is there to fullfill one or more of those basic fuctions. Things like art, or the like, aren’t really necessary for a human being to be alive, and therefore, we may say it’s only ‘recreational’, right?

Or maybe not.

I’ve found not only me, but everyone was saved by some kind of  ‘art’ at some point in their lifes. Think: can you really imagine your life without it? Impossible, right?

So, then…

‘Art is whatever we do, when we’re not just surviving’.

Im only paraphrasing, but something like that was written in a book I really love: ‘Understanding Comics. The Invisible Art‘, by Scott McCloud. This definition is, I believe, big enough to hold all kinds of art.

The Gioconda? Sure, that’s nice. But that drawing my little 9-year-old sister did of a muffin the other night is art as well. Also that rythm my best friend makes when tapping her fingers against her chin, while waiting for the class to finish. Oh, and the decorations I put in the homeworks and exams I give to my teachers are so too. That humming that escapes your troath under the shower, or the red lipstick that girl was wearing at that party.
All that, is art. Different kinds of art, that join in to let us know we’re not just surviving, we’re alive.

Maybe my amplitude of mind on this particular subject exists because I often see how people discriminate on different kinds of artistic expressions. Of course, there’s always someone who understands, but…

This happens to me a lot, for example, when talking about comics, or manga. Well, specially about manga, japanese comics.

I happen to be a big fan of it, and also an amateur manga artist. So it’s kind of frustrating when someone approaches me and says something like ‘Oh, you’re so good at this. But I think you should do something more artistic…’.
I’ve come to understand that what they mean when they say that, is to move on to ‘realism’, and get as far away from cartoons as I can.

Well, that wouldn’t be my own art, now would it?

Maybe there are as many variations to art, as there are humans in the world. We all have a different way to interpret, and to perform it, and that’s pretty amazing!
But, as usual, we just keep on looking down at everything that doesn’t resemble us, or what we do.

Oh, don’t feel bad. We’ve been like that since the beginning of our species. It’s just that I think more and more people are bothered by this attitude of ours in our time. Or maybe more people have the courage to speak up against it.

Maybe you could say something like this the next time you witness a situation like that, huh?

Anyways, I dont want to end up talking about colonialism today (don’t ask why, but I know it’s gonna end up there somehow), and I really just wanted to write about something. So this is it for now. I hope I’m leaving you with something to think about.

If that’s so, then please comment! I’d love to read that!

Thanks for reading~.



14 thoughts on “VariARTbility

  1. I like it…drawing out the discussion…great blogging technique. Yes, I agree with your opinion, art is everywhere. This blog is art. I feel your beginning, body, and end of the post are great. You have a thesis. You have the beginning that draws the reader into the post, the body of the post is interesting, your conclusion is also well done.

    Yes, I agree. People often do not like things or art that they are not accustomed to, people in general do not like change (most people), so anything that is completely different, they will not like. It could be a person’s looks, make-up, how a person dresses or anything. I like how you explained that art is everywhere.

    The thought, that art is everywhere, has never occured to me in my life, until reading this post.

    Thank you, Mila.


  2. Tip, put the opinions tag on your posts. People in the opinions category are very opinionated and generally like to comment. The rants or rant tag is a great tag too.

    Have a nice evening Mila.


    • Thank you, for both the opinion, and the tips. I’ll see to do that from now on when I write something like this.

      If this post really did inspire you to think about this, then my work here is done ^^.
      Thanks a lot, Liz.

      • Yes, the thought has never occured to me that art is in so many things, just looking around my home. You are so right. Art is in almost every singe thing in my home. I have never read anyone express that in the way you do in your post nor have I read any blog posts on that subject.

  3. Mila – Suggestion: Have you thought of a better title? A title that would draw people to read the post. It can be even a little bit off-beat and crazy. For example, my “Suburbitches” title. You can even try to make up new words. I love making up new words its pretty fun. New words draw people’s attention right away, because they do not recognize the word.


    • Ah, I was a little doubtious on that. At first, the tittle was gonna be ‘The Value of Art’, but then I felt it just wasnt right… I wanted to talk about the variety art has to offer to us, not about it’s ‘value’.
      I’ll re-think it, cause I know the tittle in the bait for most reader.
      Your suggestion is clever, though, I like it… Might make use of it ^^.

      • I made up “Arubikinis” word
        I usually take two words and put them together that explain the post in some way, but that will draw immediate attention on the blog reader.
        Tip 2: A photo in every post will draw more readers because it shows the post beautifully in the post reader under each tag. Google images does have copyright free images, for example you could type: “Art, copyright free” into Google Images, and Google will find images for you to copy.
        -You do not have to, I just find it helpful. It is your blog, write for you, not the audience.

      • Too late, I changed it already xD.

        The part about the images, I was told before. But I just dont find the need to add them in the kind of posts I write, at least not for now.
        Maybe, once I start adventuring myself into other type of posts, I might find them usefull. I dont know ^^.

        Anyways, I appreciate this tips, thank you a lot!

      • Cool – I love it. I would have never thought of that – ever. That looks very artsy indeed. Now, I see art in everything, even that word is art. Wow.

  4. Oh sorry – A reblog is (you may already know) a very good thing in the blogging community. It drives traffic to your site, and it means the person really likes your post. I loved this post. :)

    • Oh, wow, thank you! It really did drive traffic over here, by the way. Thank you for your help and nice words.
      I haven’t been posting lately, cause it’s exam week, and I don’t have enough time, so I’m sorry.

      Have a nice day!


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