La critique au Starbucks~

So, I’m writting this from a Starbucks, not too close from home. I was feeling bad for not posting anything in the last days; but you know how inspiration is… A bitch, exactly. It comes and goes at it pleases, not really taking anyone else in consideration! But enough ranting about it, the thing is I’m finally taking some initiative, and writting something…

I realise I really like this place, even though it represents many things I hate from this world. Why is this feeling? Well, probably because it looks, smells, and feels just the way I’d like a coffee shop to do. There are many points in it’s favor:

  • The very accurate selection of terra colors, and tones of grey, embrace you to keep on drinking your coffee.
  • Yes, the coffee isn’t bad either, although I’ve had much better. The thing this place has, is the brilliance of mixing an average-good coffee, with delicious chocolate, making it into a very good hot drink, specially for cold winter days like these.
  • Oh, the ambientation is very well done in more ways than just one. The different combination of chairs and tables gives as result a relaxed atmosphere as well.
  • Also, the perfect selections of jazz, and light vosanova, that is just a delight to my ancient-tasted ears.
  • This particular local may be a little too big for it’s own good, though. I personally preffer smaller places.
  • It has a big glass-wall, that lets the daylight in, breaking the afternoon-feeling it’s supposed to give, and clashing against the illumination setup for the place (that otherwise looks great at nighttime).
  • The art selection for the walls is also worthy of my consideration.

In short, a good place to come and read a book (my kind of place).

Other than that, my own experiences once there were:

  • The service is great, and they always smile back, as I do. Sometimes you get to be attended by foreigners, wich is always interesting.
  • I can’t say the same thing about most of the people coming here. Starbucks being an ‘American brand’ (I’ll share my thoughts about that adjetivization later), it gets the attention of the kind of people that don’t actually appreciate the style of the place, but the fact that it’s the ‘cool’ place. Most conversations I shamelessly listen to are about the most shallow and stupid things you could imagine.
  • There’s a couple making out close to me, and they’re getting to my nerves with their ‘cute nicknames’. Really, it should be illegal to call your boyfriend ‘my teddybear’ in public, for heavens’ sake; or is this just my cynism talking??
  • People is looking weirdly at me because I’m writting this over a piece of cartboard (the only thing I could find to write on when this stroke of inspiration got to me). I glare at them from time to time, but I seem to have became the freak show here. Oh well.

I still preffer the traditional cafés all around Buenos Aires, though. But I felt the need to mention that these guys are doing a good job trying to compete in a place where people have the tradition of sitting down, and having a coffee with friends from time to time. It has it’s own merit, if I say so myself.

Well, this was pretty random. I just felt like writting it, so I went ahead and did so~ Now, every time I read it it feels more and more stupid, but I guess I’ll just post it, and let it be :P

So, do you have a favourite place to go and have a drink, or read a book? I’d also like to know your opinion on this places!

I think I’ll post something more later on today, we’ll see.

Thanks for reading!


P.D: I can’t seem to be able to make this image thingy work, so I’m leaving it like this… =_=


Green…. ‘Peace’?

Recently, this ONG has been flooding Argentina’s media and streets with publicty about it’s 25th anniversary here; they brag about how they have been defending their ideals, and never gave to the greed when dealing with big corporations, or the government.

Now, this probably will be a bitter subject for some, because I know Greenpeace is a world-wide organization, defending the ideal of ecology, and that it has millions of suscribers.
But I really hate these people.

Let’s go back to the starts of this green movement, back in the 19th century. People knew by that time that resources wouldn’t last forever, even though it wasn’t a hot topic. By the time, many laboring rights were given to the proletarians in England, a big step forward for the workers of the world. Of course, the big men there didn’t like this step very much, and were looking for a good enough excuse for their retrograde attitudes to lay on.
That’s when father Malthus appeared, together with his poisonus ideals. He said, and thoroughly deffended, that at some point, the world’s productivity regarding mostly food would reach it’s limit, when all of it’s productible lands were being used already. This meant that the problem to attack from there on was the number of people living on earth, needing that food.
That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, he said the problem for the future would be overpopulation! Now, this doesn’t sound so bad when explained like this, right? Seems legit: if we can’t produce that much food, we have to stop producing too many humans…?
So, Malthus kept on with this speech, and wrote that the part of the world that produced more births, were the poor people. You see where this is going? Oh, just keep on reading. So, if the poor people were having too many babies even while not having enough to feed them, then, if they escalated socially, and started having enough money for them, being stupid as they obviously were -cause they were poor-, they’d have even more babies. So, if more money for the poor meant more babies, and more babies meant the earth’s end was nearer, then what you’d logically have  to do, is take that money away from the poor people, and give it to the rich -and therefore more intelligent- people, to administrate it better.

I’m not kidding. This was an actual ideal from that time, and is still around us to the day!

The higher classes and bourgeois loved all this, and made sure to put all this ideas into action as quickly as possible.

With time, Malthus became a ‘respected thinker’ of his days, and his school of thoughts, called Malthusians or Negativists, were put against the Positivists when talking about the Earth’s future (Positivists said that the land’s productivity didn’t only depend on it’s area, but also and the science and technology put into it’s cultives).

Now-a-days, we know the Positivists were, if anything, closer to the truth than Malthus, specially after the Green Revolution took place in the agriculture field all over the world.

But the malthusians weren’t only known for this thoughts over agriculture. Their obsetion with overpopulation never grew thin, and the people to support them always existed. There was even a so-called ‘pseudo-science’ (even though it can’t even be considered that), that seemed to help this ideals, and that reached it’s peek of popularity during the first half of the last century: none other than Eugenesics.
Yes, yes, that science Hitler used to justify his hatred, his thoughts of superiority over other ‘races’, and his genocide of this ‘needless‘ people (such as african-american, jews, gipsies, homosexuals, and I can go on…).

Eugenesics have actually a pretty interesting history in all of Europe before WWII. As most had already accepted that +population = -resources, this ideology’s standing of ‘birth control of the ‘unfit’ (mostly people from the ‘third world’), and conservation of the south’s resources’, was like a ring to their fat fingers.
After the Holocaust, though, their direct racist speech, and wishes for the ‘unfit’s’ forced unfertilization, had to become more subtle, and, if possible, more confusing for those who could then find it offensive.

So their focus had to leave the population alone for a while, and point a subject that was still stinging, and that grew in influence in the last decades: nature. More specifically, the third world’s resources.
Why? Well, the first world already screwed their land bad with their own industrialization and progress, so they couldn’t just let those incapable and abnormal people from the south just do the same with theirs! I mean, what would the industrialized countries do then? See how they developed and grew in numbers as they did the previous centuries without worries, ‘wasting‘ their resources in their own growth? Hell no! They were gonna take control of what was, according to their thinking, ultimately theirs, as they were the best adapted, and more prone to surviving, part of the species.

That’s how you have Julian Huxley, member of Britain’s Eugenics Society, and it’s president from 1959 to 1962, creating and becoming director of the UNESCO, and then organizing the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). After some time, around the 50’s, he realised he  needed more money for this organization to work.  How concidential it is, that in 1961, the very well-known WWF (World Wildlife Foundation), one of the first conservational organization for raising founds, was founded, and localized in Gland, Switzerland, at the very same building, and sharing the administrative body with the IUCN. Pretty curious coming from a supposedly independent ONG, huh?

And there you have it, my friends, the origin of ecologist and conservarionist movements, and ONGs of the kind.

And this is all the same for Greenpeace, they come from the same kind of ideologies.

So, as a latin-american, and a jew, coming from a family and a land that has suffered so much from this kind of thinking, people, and ways of acting, of course I would be a little rencorous over them. Don’t think badly of me please. I’m just human. And, if you ask an eugenesist, or a conservationist, I’m just an unfit.

Please, DO look around for this organizations and people. You’ll find some very interesting facts. I personally recommend ‘Ecofascismo’ (if you can find it, and read in spanish), by Jorge Orduna, for more information and proven facts. Here’s an article from when his book was published. I’ll tell you if I can find links in english.

Well then, what do you think about organizations like Greenpeace, or the WWF? Have you had any experiences with them, or the like? Did you know about their relationships with Eugenesics? If so, do share!

Until next time.



La miró a través de la ventana. Realmente, era hermosa como la más bella de las flores.

Caminando por la calle, se ganaba todas las miradas, incluso algunas mujeres se daban vuelta para poder envidiarla mejor.

No, no se comparaba con nada.

Leyó de nuevo la carta. Estaba seguro, hoy se la daría. Bueno, casi seguro.

No es que dudara de la carta, es más, le parecía merecedora de pertenecer a ella. La brillantina había sido una buena idea, levantaba el ánimo de la confesión.

No, no era la carta de quien dudaba.

¿Cómo no dudar de sí? Ella era la mujer más hermosa que jamás había visto, no podía estar más nervioso. Además, bien sabía él que, cuando se trataba de mujeres, nunca se podía adivinar la respuesta. Era como leer un muro de cemento, ni una pista. Nada.

Pero aquella era la muchacha de su vida, sería el sol que iluminaría cada uno de sus días. Por lo menos, hasta que egresaran.

Si, en unos meses el año terminaba, y todos debían elegir una buena escuela a la que asistir.

-No es fácil crecer. Voy a extrañar este lugar –Se dio vuelta para observar mejor aquel, su salón. Con los trabajos de todos, un poco maltratado, pero muy querido.

Sí, definitivamente hoy sería el día. No podía esperar más. Estaba por entrar, cuando pisara el umbral de la puerta sería el momento perfecto para ponerse en frente suyo y entregarle la carta. La carta… Volvió a leerla. No era mucho, bastante simple, llano, directo al grano. Le gustaría, estaba casi seguro. Casi.

Se volvió a la ventana y la vio más cerca, a unos metros. Sí, estaba por entrar, no podía tardar más o llegaría tarde. La maestra se iba a enojar de llegar ella tarde. Y si la maestra se enojaba, se podían despedir de los caramelos a la tarde, después de la siesta.

No, no podía permitirlo.

Entró. La vio entrar. Colgó su mochila. La vio colgar su mochila.

“Incluso haciendo nimiedades, es hermosa”, pensó para sí.

Ahora. Ahora era el momento.

Se acercó despacio. Ella se dio vuelta y lo vio acercarse. Cuando estuvo lo suficientemente cerca, se animó a hablarle. Ella lo oyó hablar.

-Susana… ¿Querés ser mi novia? –Pregunto algo tembloroso mientras le entregaba la carta.

Susana, algo sorprendida, tomó la carta y leyó un “TE QUIERO” escrito con crayón marrón, y alrededor de aquellas dos dulces palabras, brillantina de todos los colores pegada con demasiada plasticola. La carta era rara, pero hermosa, expresaba lo que quería decir, y no se pasaba de palabras.

-Si –Dijo con confianza y una sonrisa de oreja a oreja,

Él, sorprendido, le sonrió de vuelta, y le ofreció la mano. Ella la tomó con dulzura.

-¡Chicos de preescolar, a la salita! –Escucharon a su maestra llamarlos, y fueron, tomados de las manos, y sonriendo.


‘Art’ is kind of an abstract concept, don’t you think? I mean, there aren’t clear standars to consider something as ‘art’. Most people think of an artist as a painter, or maybe a musician. But that leaves out a lot of very interesting varies art has to offer for us.

To start with, ‘art’ could be labelled as ‘recreational’ for us. It’s not something we need to ‘survive’, to be considered as ‘alive’. Actually, the definition for a living being is one that has a behaviour during his life that has all of these goals: to eat, to relate, and to reproduce, basically. Actually, every part of our body is there to fullfill one or more of those basic fuctions. Things like art, or the like, aren’t really necessary for a human being to be alive, and therefore, we may say it’s only ‘recreational’, right?

Or maybe not.

I’ve found not only me, but everyone was saved by some kind of  ‘art’ at some point in their lifes. Think: can you really imagine your life without it? Impossible, right?

So, then…

‘Art is whatever we do, when we’re not just surviving’.

Im only paraphrasing, but something like that was written in a book I really love: ‘Understanding Comics. The Invisible Art‘, by Scott McCloud. This definition is, I believe, big enough to hold all kinds of art.

The Gioconda? Sure, that’s nice. But that drawing my little 9-year-old sister did of a muffin the other night is art as well. Also that rythm my best friend makes when tapping her fingers against her chin, while waiting for the class to finish. Oh, and the decorations I put in the homeworks and exams I give to my teachers are so too. That humming that escapes your troath under the shower, or the red lipstick that girl was wearing at that party.
All that, is art. Different kinds of art, that join in to let us know we’re not just surviving, we’re alive.

Maybe my amplitude of mind on this particular subject exists because I often see how people discriminate on different kinds of artistic expressions. Of course, there’s always someone who understands, but…

This happens to me a lot, for example, when talking about comics, or manga. Well, specially about manga, japanese comics.

I happen to be a big fan of it, and also an amateur manga artist. So it’s kind of frustrating when someone approaches me and says something like ‘Oh, you’re so good at this. But I think you should do something more artistic…’.
I’ve come to understand that what they mean when they say that, is to move on to ‘realism’, and get as far away from cartoons as I can.

Well, that wouldn’t be my own art, now would it?

Maybe there are as many variations to art, as there are humans in the world. We all have a different way to interpret, and to perform it, and that’s pretty amazing!
But, as usual, we just keep on looking down at everything that doesn’t resemble us, or what we do.

Oh, don’t feel bad. We’ve been like that since the beginning of our species. It’s just that I think more and more people are bothered by this attitude of ours in our time. Or maybe more people have the courage to speak up against it.

Maybe you could say something like this the next time you witness a situation like that, huh?

Anyways, I dont want to end up talking about colonialism today (don’t ask why, but I know it’s gonna end up there somehow), and I really just wanted to write about something. So this is it for now. I hope I’m leaving you with something to think about.

If that’s so, then please comment! I’d love to read that!

Thanks for reading~.


My Political Reality (II)

After my little introduction to my country’s recent history in the last post, I want to continue on the topic that actually brought me to write all that. Im sorry about expanding so much, but I just felt most people wouldn’t get what I was talking about if I didn’t first clarify some things.

Well, from 2003 onwards, Argentina entered a time of growth of it’s economy, as well of it’s cultural and political activity. This mainly means, politics were no longer taken so lightly, as a question of mockery, but more as what it really means: the events, people, and decisions that actually lead a country. The relationship between the state, and the people.

But, what happens when this applies to the young ones as well? I’m seventeen years old, yet I’ve been aware of politics in my surroundings since years ago, and been discussing, and performing it ever since I entered secondary school.

And, when the adults seem to be bothered by this? Well, this is my question.

What do you think of political activity in young people?

Personally, being active in politic debates, knowing about my country’s actuality, fighting for my rights and for what I wanted, were all things that helped me grow up, get to know and express myself better, as well as to know other interesting people. But, in my experience, I’ve also bumped into people who could even be labelled as ‘fanatics’ of a particular party, and that were blinded by the message they were fooled with, only to loose sight of their reality and surroundings. I’m clarifying it wasn’t usually like that, but this is what most grown ups seem to think when they see militancy from our part.

In 2010, the youth’s political movement in Buenos Aires began to grow anew, as the governor of this, the country’s capital city, started neglecting all the public institutions in it -and keeps on doing so to the day, but that’s another topic. Public schools, hospitals, and institutions here are usually the most prestigious and well known, but also the less attended by the state; specially when it represents neo-liberal ideologies, like with the actual governor.
So, when the conditions in the public schools of the city became critical, to the point where the lack of structural care endangered our very lifes, we decided to take action. And man, did we rock that ‘taking action’ part, or what?

More than 300 schools in the whole city were ‘taken’ by their students, wich meant not leaving the school under any circumstances, sleeping, eating, living there, and also interrupting classes, until the state agreeded to listen to our demands. Some ‘takes’ lasted over a month! In my school, we maintained it for more than two weeks. It was really an exhausting task to accomplish, as there wasn’t any gas for the building’s heating (one of our many demands), among other very uncomfortable situations.

At some point, the city’s government had to listen to us. I dont think you can imagine how we felt, honestly. It was a mix of satisfaction, group accomplishment… Know that feeling after you finish a raid in your favorite MMORPG? Well, multiply it by ten thousand, and there you have it, more or less.
It was really awesome.

After that happened, our student’s center (the organization of students for their representation in and outside the school, covering their demands, their political point) grew a lot, and a lot of people started frequenting it more and more.
I was already my class’ representative at the center, but my participation became more evident.

An year after, I was being elected president of the center. And so I was, until May this year, when new elections were held, and the boy from two years under me that accompanied my time as president, and that learned with my party, was elected president himself.

Now a days, I’m seriously considering following my path as a politician in my country, to become maybe a legislator, maybe something else, and representative the people there.

As you can see, in my experience, politics were the door to get to know another part of myself (I was the friggin’ president), and to understand the world and my country better as well. And I’m sure it was like that for many people my age who went through similar experiences.

So, why is it that I hear adults everywhere talk about how a person my age’s only obligation is to study, and that political activity is a way for the system to use us, and that I will most likely, and for my own sake, forget about all this when I grow up?

Seriously? Is that what they really think?

I most certainly HOPE I’m still fighting and debating for what I think it’s right when I’m their age, and haven’t became someone with no dreams nor aspirations like them.
The people I and many other admire, were people who believed they were doing the right thing, and defended their ideals against everything, until the very end. I want to become someone like that.

Political activity is what keeps the people of the world moving. Every person who ever attended a manifestation to defend their rights or demands, did politics. Every person who ever debated about what they thought was right or wrong, did politics. Every person who ever read the newspaper to keep actualized about their reality, did politics.

I did politics. And keep on doing so. And I’m proud of that aspect of myself.

So, what do you think? Do you agree, or do you disagree with me? Why? Do you think politics aren’t a subject suited for young people like me? Or do you approve and encourage this activity? Or maybe you have another point of view?
I’d love to read about it in the comments -seriously though, comment darn it!

Well, thank your for reading, and mostly, for your patience.


Argentina’s Political Reality (I)

I think this is something interesting and important enough for me to make an effort and write yet something else in english -this might become an habit if I keep at it…

So, when you guys hear the word ‘politics’, what comes to your mind? I’m sure your definition will vary a lot, depending on where you were born and raised, and that includes your family, friends, etc. The variation I’m more interested in is, however, the location. Specifically, everyone’s country.
Why? Well, for starters, your view on politics will be at first defined by the politic system your country has. It’s not the same to live in a country with only a president, as to live somewhere with a prime minister and a queen, or somewhere where every desition is taken by a group of people, or where the person in the power hasn’t changed for decades (note: I’m not trying to say any of these are right or wrong). Do the people in your country vote for their representatives? How long does it last? Do you have a strong religious influence? All this will make a difference when you try to talk about politics.

Personally, I’m from Argentina. You know, that country at the end of the world? We’re far from everything, suffered from every kind of dependance towards the powerfull nations, been through mounstrous dictatorships, and yet we try oh so hard to deny all this. Actually, no, that’s kind of wrong. People, powerfull people, have been trying to fill a pre-made view of the world in our heads. The nice thing is, we’re starting to realise all this.

Political expression here in Argentina is a very controversial topic. You could say we have two well-defined sides to it: 1) those who probably have a political history in their family, or were suddenly interested by it, or introduced to it’s amazing world by someone, and now is either an active member of one of here’s many parties, or either someone who likes to maintain himself up to the news, and with a critic sense regarding it all, and 2) those who are uninterested, maybe because they don’t know much about it, maybe because they’re part of those people who were uncharmed by politics after 2001’s crisis, or by other similar event. As you can guess, there are many more variables to this, but that’s pretty much how it goes.
But, it’s not like you can just stay completely out of it all if you live here. Because of many of this country’s characteristics, being maybe that voting is an obligation, being maybe it’s history, in Argentina you’re bound to ‘know’ at least a little something about the nation’s political news. Specially recently.

You must be pretty confused after that part about the year 2001’s crisis. I mean, what could it have to do with militance in political parties? Well, I really don’t want to explain it all (and honestly, you can read about it if you’re interested -we’re pretty well-known for what happened), but the events that year lead to us, the people, making the president himself quit -he took off the presidential house in an helicopter in order not to be attacked-, and then to two weeks when we had around 5 different presidents, each lasting a few days in the power before resigning as well… Yup, those were pretty messy months.
So, after something like that, you can probably guess how we felt about politicians, huh…? Yeah.

A decade has gone by since those turbulent times, and now, believe it or not, there’s more political activity that in the last 4 decades or so. Specially with young people, like myself.

Why is this?

Right after all that fiasco, new elections were held to try and regain some normality. After some blablablah (I mean it. Read about it), doctor Nestor Kirchner was elected.
Noone really expected much from him after what we had just been through, honestly. Most thought he’d only last a few months before the same thing happened. But, believe it or not, Kirchner made something noone else would have even dared to. He’s the milestone, marking a before and after in our history, wether you agree with him, or not.

Now, I wont go into details of what he did, and what he didn’t do (I mean, this post is already long as it is) -just, take my word when I say: it was new, and that was awesome.

Ever since his influence started, that flame that lives in every argentinian came to life again, to either agree or disagree with him. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you can open your eyes to reality. That critical sense that had been dormant in out minds for so many years thanks to those who found that convenient, awoke again, to make my country and place of debate and freedom of expression, like I like it.

Now then, this affected both adults… And young people. And that’s where this whole post’s topic actually lies.

But I think I’ve extended myself for too long already -wich basically means, I’m too lazy to go on right now. So I’ll make this the introduction, part 1!

Tomorrow I’ll -probably- upload the next part, where I’ll talk about what I actually intended to… Sorry about that ^^.

Thanks for reading!


Unsatisfied Lazy Teen

So I went to the therapist today, and in a pretty shitty mood. I was feeling down, sad, for some reason, and I couldn’t understand what on earth was going on in my head. Usually, I’d just start drawing something, and that’d call me down. That didn’t happen this time. So probably it was a good thing that my date with Silvia, my therapist, was today, huh? …Well no.

I wanted to talk about something I didn’t know what it was. I know it sounds stupid, but that was how I felt… We ended up talking about my sister instead. I most certainly didn’t want to talk about my sister. Add to that, the fact that I got there 20 minutes late because the bus decided to fuck with me today, and you can get a pretty good idea of how I was feeling when I got out of there. Yes, exactly.

I felt like crying, but I don’t usually cry. Specially not with other people, and most certainly not in the street. And yet, the urge to do so was so strong, I felt I could only hold it back for a little while.

Well, there usually isn’t much people in my way home from Silvia’s if I go back walking, and it is a pretty nice part of town, so I decided to stretch my legs, even if it was quite a long way. The thing is, people apparently decided to flood that part of Buenos Aires today, and there was some idiot walking by everywhere, all the time (not to offend these idiots).

So, to hold back the feeling, I decided to go over what I talked with Silvia in this session, and see if I could find something, anything, some kind of clue, that could led me to the source of my unhappiness this morning. I rememered telling her about me being helplessly bored many times, and guessed maybe it had something to do with the way I felt.

Wait, so, why am I so bored? I know things have changed from when I was younger, but I do recall having this feeling of emptiness, of lack of self-satisfaction or joy for life since way back. So, what is it, really? Yeah, the fact that things are changing could also be part of the problem.

Not only am I changing, my perception of the world, and even my perception of myself changed a lot, specially in this last 5 years I’ve spent in Secondary school. My mood, only to name an example, has varied a lot through-out the years. I used to think I had a volatile personality, that I was strong-willed, but just too shy to show it. But, lately I’ve understood, I’ve been showing how I feel in different ways. I always thought making me mad would be an easy task, as I get embarrassed or happy so easily. But now, I realise I almost never get mad, at anything, anyone -of course, this is something you only discover once you get truly angry for the very first time. Why is this? Why don’t insults, provocations, and the like get to my nerves? Is the reason, maybe, that they are not enough?

Then, is the reason I’m usually bored at life, that nothing is enough to fully please me? Actually, the only thing that got me hanging so many years, and that still succeeds at interesting and amusing me, is what most people call ‘fantasy‘. That’s right, books, comic-books, manga, anime, series; that’s the only thing I actually enjoy doing every day -except, of course, for writting and drawing, wich is basically creating my own fantastic world.
This real world, this ‘reality‘, this thing… Doesn’t please me.

And then I understood. Unfortunately, and unwittingly, I’ve become modern society’s lowest kind of scum: a stupid unsatisfied lazy teen.

Oh god, you should’ve seen my face the instant that thought came to my mind! I was literally in shock.

So what do I mean by an ‘unsatisfied lazy teen‘, and why is this realisation so bad for me? Well, seen hipsters? Or those guys that the only thing they do in the whole day is complain about the system and how it ruins everyone’s lifes, but don’t actually move a finger to try and change it? Or people that say they’re bored by every-day stuff, so the only thing they can spend their time on are videogames/anime/comic-books/books-in-general/etc., but never do a thing to change their actual reality? Like those politicians who can only blab about what’s wrong with the country, but can’t bring themselves to actually practice what they preach? Or, or… Well, you get the idea. People who seat there, complaining and complaining, escaping by doing any kind of other stuff, but not brave enough to change what they hate so much. I’ve become that kind of people. And I’m despising myself at the moment. And, if you’re one as well, I’m probably depising you too.

I guess, now that I’ve discovered this sad, but very true fact, I can start working on it. Maybe look for something else to fill my life with, maybe meet new people, maybe a boyfriend, some new project, going back to the Student’s Center -no, wait…. I just know I want to keep figuring myself out, and building this poor self that will soon be ‘an active member of society’ (ugh), so I need to keep on walking.

Well, I really do feel better after writing all this! I sure hope this stupid mood of mine disappears by tomorrow, and that this lowly condition can be redirected to something better soon.

Thank you,